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Expo-Highlight: Google Cloud at the Smart Country Convention 2023

Graphical representation of the benefits of the Google Cloud

Source: Google Cloud Brand Illustrations Library

AI can recognize patterns and make predictions - better than any computer before. One of the areas of AI is "generative AI" - it specializes in predicting what's coming next. With generative AI, Google Cloud can help government agencies at all levels meet citizen concerns faster and operate more efficiently in a secure framework. Nevertheless, generative AI can by no means replace public administration employees. Sovereign decision-making powers must continue to be in the hands of people. The aim should be to lighten the workload of officials and staff by reducing repetitive standard tasks, making their work more interesting, and speeding up administrative handling.

In regard of a worsening staffing situation, generative AI makes work easier for employees within government agencies, increases efficiency and can help reduce bureaucracy. For example, generative AI can take over the creation of standard documents such as letters or draft contracts, summarize expert opinions and file content, check compliance regulations, and even test the compatibility of new legislative initiatives with existing regulation.

At the same time, citizens can use generative AI to interact with the public administration even more independently: AI-supported call centers, chatbots and translation solutions provide citizens with low-threshold access to government information at any time.

But trust in public administration can only be upheld if generative AI is used responsibly. Since its release, Google Cloud has been committed to applicable data protection regulations. It is globally certified to BSI C5 standard, and has already developed its own AI principles in 2018, making Google Cloud a significant player in responsible technology development.

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