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Expo highlight Samsung: Secure data processing with Samsung Knox Native

A man in a suit, holding a smartphone with a visible lock screen

Image: Samsung

More and more companies are thinking of their business processes in mobile terms. A prerequisite for this is integrated data and network security for the mobile devices in use. With the new Knox Native, Samsung offers a strong security solution for mobile business.

Separate chip for sensitive data

Knox Native is a hardware-based solution evaluated by the BSI that protects sensitive data on Samsung mobile devices in a separate chip. At its core is the Samsung embedded Secure Element (eSE) together with the BSI Java Card Applet (BSI Mobile Secure Anchor). With a deployment permit for VS-NfD for a pilot operation at the BSI, the first step for a VS-NfD approval has been taken.

Multi-layered security platform Samsung Knox

To prevent cyberattacks at various levels, Samsung offers not only suitable hardware but also its multi-layered security platform Samsung Knox. This is complemented by the Knox Suite as a management platform. Samsung hardware and Knox Suite protect data on multiple levels and enable IT administrators to easily manage devices. Knox Suite bundles all Knox products for effective security, deployment, management and analytics across the mobile device lifecycle.

Learn about Knox Native at SCCON23. Visit the Samsung booth 104 in Hall 27.

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