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Latest news, stories and trends of the SCCON world

News 2022

Expo-Highlights: FIWARE - Open Source and Open Standards

07.10.2022 - For the fifth time, FIWARE Foundation - the non-profit organization and the de-facto standard for smart cities that encourages the adoption of open standards using Open Source technologies for the development of smart solutions on a global basis - will be present at Smart Country Convention 2022 in Berlin.more


A sovereign cloud for the public sector

07.10.2022 - The strategic partners Google Cloud and T-Systems are supporting organisations with cloud-based solutions in order to digitalise applications and services. more


From mobile work to mobile studies - The idea of a co-campus and the Herzberg pioneers

06.10.2022 - Workspaces no longer exist in a fixed place. Since the pandemic began we know that working from home or any other location is possible, and people no longer need to “put in a shift” at the office. Particularly when these lines become blurred, does studying on the move make sense, especially in a federal Land covering such a wide area? more


Update on the online ID and digital identities

06.10.2022 - Visitors to the Digital Identities stand (303) of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community can apply for their personal ID from a mobile citizens’ centre. The fees and a possible surcharge of 13 euros, depending on the place of residence, can be paid for by giro card. Information will also be available about the online ID and its future easy-to-use Smart-eID functions. more


Digital Spaces competition in the Land of Brandenburg

06.10.2022 - A smart city in a village? With the introduction of the term ’digital space’, the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs presents a new category. It means open spaces where working, doing business and learning is digital and where local innovative products and services produce regional added value. more

Secure digital identities for the digital sovereignty of citizens

03.10.2022 - Be it online shopping, online banking or social media – do people have any idea how many online accounts they have? In a guest article for Behörden Spiegel, Beate Ginzel and Marlen Ristola from the ’Digitale Stadt’ (Digital City) department of the city of Leipzig say that on average we keep around 70 digital identities. more

Digital and sustainable cities – support for smart cities in the Coalition Agreement

30.09.2022 - “Germany needs nothing less than a new digital beginning.“ It literally says that in the Coalition Agreement signed by SPD, Grüne and FDP. In it, the term ‘digitalisation’ occurs no less than 226 times in various contexts. Michael Pfefferle, head of the Smart City & Smart Region department at Bitkom, takes a closer look at whether the measures are sufficient and what really lies behind the federal government’s digitalisation offensive. more

Partner Highlights: A smart Hesse as an example for a smart Germany

26.09.2022 - "Together for a smart Hesse" is the motto under which four different players have come together to work on a sustainable Hesse. more

Partner Highlights: Slovenia - From Smart Digital Societies to Green Economy

22.09.2022 - Slovenia is actively contributing to key EU initiatives in the fields of smart cities, data, AI and interoperability with the goal to become a frontrunner digital nation. Ahead of its participation at the Smart Country Convention in October, SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency explains the ways in which it drives digital innovation in Slovenia and Europe. more

How is the digitization of administration progressing?

12.09.2022 - “In my view what we need is not less federalism, but more cooperation and a joint commitment at the various levels of public administrations“, says Marc Danneberg, divisional head, Public Sector at Bitkom e.V. In an interview with Innovative Verwaltung. more

Paderborn – on the way to becoming a smart city

07.09.2022 - Heinz Nixdorf from Paderborn is recognised as a German computer pioneer because in 1952, aged 27, he set up his first computer company. The computers of yesteryear bear no resemblance with today’s technology, however Paderborn has retained its pioneering spirit and chosen the path to becoming a smart city. more

Climate protection as a goal for smart cities

15.08.2022 - When a city or region decides to become a smart city/region, it creates big expectations. That is a good thing, says Henrike Etzelmüller, industry adviser for Sustainable Cities & Regions at Microsoft Germany. In her guest article in Behörden Spiegel however, she cautions that smart cities in Germany lack a clear orientation which she says could accelerate digitalisation in cities and municipalities.more

Guest article: Braunschweig on the way to becoming a Smart City

10.08.2022 - "The great thing about Smart City is that it combines so many different topics and fields of action," says Dr. Neven Josipovic, Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Braunschweig in this guest article. more

Partner Highlights: Smart Solutions for Cities, Regions and Villages

09.08.2022 - What can digital solutions do for cities? At the Smart Country Convention 2022, FIWARE will make, among other things, the potential of smart solutions within a smart world tangible. more

The Smart Country Startup Award goes into the next round

01.08.2022 - No more piles of files in the basement and lengthy planning processes for urban development - the Smart Country Convention is looking for innovative startups to present their ideas for the digital world of tomorrow at the Smart Country Startup Award. more

Sovereignty. Sustainability. Resilience.

26.07.2022 - The Smart Country Convention already promises a broad spectrum of topics. On four stages, experts will address the current issues surrounding e-government and smart cities. more

Where do smart cities go from here?

19.07.2022 - Michael Pfefferle is divisional head, Smart City & Smart Region at Bitkom e.V. and in a guest article in the publication Behörden Spiegel talks about the future of federal government support for smart cities and the high expectations of cities undertaking such a project. more

Freiburg on the way to becoming a smart city

12.07.2022 - More efficient cities, technological advances and innovations - these are Smart Cities. Freiburg also wants to become a smart city and thus more digital and innovative. Bernd Mutter, Digitization Officer and Head of the Digital Office in the City of Freiburg, talks about the steps the city is taking. more

Wuppertal on the way to becoming a smart city

09.07.2022 - For four years now, Wuppertal has been a municipality that is a digital role model in North Rhine-Westphalia and on the way to becoming a smart city. more


Kaiserslautern on the way to becoming a Smart City

30.06.2022 - Kaiserslautern has the best of every world – the city has established companies, creative startups as well as institutions that operate on the world stage. Sabine Martin is convinced those are ideal prerequisites for a smart city. more

Ahaus on the way to becoming a smart city

22.06.2022 - “The technology is only a means to an end. How citizens benefit is what matters“, says Dieter van Acken, one of the leading figures behind Ahaus becoming a smart city. more

Osnabrück – on the way to becoming a smart city

June 13th, 2022 - More and more cities in Germany are set to become smart cities. In Osnabrück this is for practical reasons – like many other municipalities it has to find answers to many pressing issues regarding the future. more


Nancy Faeser to open the Smart Country Convention 2022

June 07th, 2022 - Over the years the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Smart Country Convention have enjoyed a close partnership which is set to continue at #SCCON22. Federal Minister of the Interior and Community Nancy Faeser will open the Smart Country Convention 2022. more

Mannheim – on the way to becoming a smart city

June 1st, 2022 - From the handcar and electric lift to Carl Benz’s invention of the automobile – all these innovations took place in Mannheim. The city has duly earned itself the title of ‘city of innovation’, and its pioneering spirit endures to this day. Mannheim is on the way to becoming a smart city. more

Smart Country Convention returns - and the first exhibitors are already there

April 26th, 2022 - THardly any topic works as well online as the broad field of digitalization - from e-government to smart city / smart region - nevertheless, we are very pleased that the Smart Country Convention 2022 can finally take place again live and in presence on the Berlin exhibition grounds. more

Gera on the way to becoming a Smart City

April 15th, 2022- Hamburg, Cologne, Munich - classic examples of large German smart cities. But Gera in Thuringia is also on its way to becoming a technologically advanced and innovative city. more

From the Online Access Act to smart mobility – these are the topics of the Smart Country Convention 2022!

April 12th, 2022 - This year the Smart Country Convention will again be providing answers to the many questions that digitalisation raises for the state, local government and society – at an in-person event on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. more

Smart City Index - Hamburg remains top!

March 30th, 2022 - The Smart City Index 2021 is here and shows that digitization is on the rise. It is not a state of affairs but an ongoing process that is being driven forward in all major cities in Germany. And the Corona pandemic in particular has shown that cities that are digitally well positioned come through the crisis better. more

News 2021

Austria is the partner country of the Smart Country Convention

June 22th, 2021 - An app for visiting local authorities and an e-Card for showing one’s identity: as one of the pioneers of the digital transformation, Austria is this year’s official partner country of the Smart Country Convention. From 26 to 28 October 2021 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, our neighbours will be presenting innovative digital applications for local government and the public sector and digitization at town, municipal and county level. more

Smart Country Startup Award: Application period has started!

June 16th, 2021 - The application phase for the Smart Country Startup Award has started. Until September 14, 2021, startups with innovative solutions for the public sector have the opportunity to apply in the categories Smart City and E-Government. more

Smart cities: Lack of digitization makes cities unattractive

June 14th, 2021 - In the years to come the digital transformation of cities and municipalities could become an important factor for business – and pose serious problems for those lagging behind. According to a Bitkom survey, one in four people (26 per cent) aged 16 to 29 say that an inability of their city to keep pace with digitization is a reason to move away. more

Smart Country Convention to take place as an in-person event

June 1st, 2021 - Speeding up digitalisation in the public sector – that is the aim of the Smart Country Convention, which will be held as an in-person event on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 26 to 28 October 2021. read

News 2020 & 2019

Information about the corona virus from the Smart Country Convention

March 31, 2020 - Dear SCCON participants, dear exhibitors, we are currently receiving inquiries about how the corona virus (COVID-19) affects the implementation of the Smart Country Convention at the end of October. Bitkom and Messe Berlin take the current developments around Corona very seriously because the health of all participants, partners and employees is our top priority. read

Discussion during the “Smart Country Convention” will explore the role of cybersecurity in smart cities

October 21, 2019 - Next Wednesday, on the 23rd of October, join us for a discussion on digital integration and the role of cybersecurity in future cities at the “Smart Country Convention”. The discussion is organized by a “Digital Lithuania”, which is a Lithuanian IT company cluster. Lithuania has made its mark in the global cybersecurity sector – it ranks as number 4 in The Global Cybersecurity Index by ITU. read

Lithuanian Public Sector Solutions: how digitalizations makes everyday life easier

October 17, 2019 - Lithuanian public sector is one of the most innovative in the world - more than 90 percent of public services are digitalized. According to the ICT Regulatory Tracker 2018 report published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Lithuania, evaluated 95 out of 100 points, is one of the world's leaders in terms of regulatory efficiency in the field of information and communication technologies. read

Unlock New Opportunities and Level Up Your Business During the FIWARE Global Summit Startup Day

September 30, 2019 - FIWARE's mission is very clear: We want to create opportunities, allowing everyone to connect, grow and be innovative together. The “Startup Day” on 24 October is a part of the effort. This event is for tech lovers at every level to participate, network, and advance their careers, giving them the opportunity to connect with leading VCs, tech companies and industry tycoons, mentors, media and talent. This is the place to level up! read

Become a Frontrunner of Digital Transformation at the FIWARE Global Summit in Berlin

September 24, 2019 - Autumn is almost here, and so is the FIWARE Global Summit! Believe us when we say it is going to be a fantastic event you won’t want to miss.


Growth of Lithuanian ICT sector: digital education, infrastructure and leadership in e-government

September 23, 2019 - The Lithuanian ICT sector has a rich and growing community of IT professionals, employees of the sector have a high level of digital technology skills, well-developed communications and telecommunications infrastructure. This allows the sector to grow rapidly, develop innovative solutions and apply them abroad.


Interview with the Lithuanian Ambassador Darius Jonas Semaška

September 20, 2019 - More than 90 per cent of all administrative formalities are carried out online and a company can be set up in three days - this works in Lithuania. We talked to Lithuanian Ambassador Darius Jonas Semaška about digital administration and the upcoming Smart Country Convention.


Lithuania is partner country of Smart Country Convention 2019

August 12, 2019 - Going to the authorities online and setting up a business in three days - that works in Lithuania. As one of the pioneers of digitisation, Lithuania is this year the official partner country of the Smart Country Convention. From 22 to 24 October 2019, the country will show innovative digital applications for administrations, public companies and the digitisation of cities, municipalities and rural districts in the CityCube Berlin.


Scale Up for a Real Smart Future

August 08, 2019 - From 23-24 October, the 7th FIWARE Global Summit is heading to the dynamic city of Berlin (Germany). The Summit, co-hosted with the Smart Country Convention, will be a joint effort, combining the strengths of both events, which will attract a total of 10,000 guests, of whom at least 1,000 will also be joining the FIWARE Global Summit.


News 2018

Innovators wanted for the public sector

July 25, 2018 - Numerous startups are driving the digital transformation forward in cities, communities and the public sector in order to make our lives easier, modern and more efficient. The new Smart Country Startup Awards have been created to support their efforts. Startups are invited to apply no later than 30 September. read

Denmark is partner country of the Smart Country Convention

July 04, 2018 - Be it digitally connected citizens’ service centres, electronic medical reports, internet tax declarations or gigabit networks, Denmark has become a pioneer in many areas of digitalisation. The EU’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) puts Denmark top of the list of 28 EU countries. read

These are our first speakers

May 30, 2018 - Top-class speakers from administrations, politics, digital economy and science share their expert knowledge, experiences gained from implemented projects, best practices and new ideas. read

Federal Ministry of the Interior assumes sponsorship of Smart Country Convention

April 26, 2018 - The Smart Country Convention has gained another powerful partner. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community will take over its sponsorship. Federal Minister Horst Seehofer states ... read


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