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Expo highlight BMI: BeKI

Hands on a smartphone, above the graphic of a robot

Photo: Adobe Stock/Tippapat

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers immense potential for the digital society and for the entire federal administration. Among other things, AI will also accelerate modern and efficient administrative action. There are a large number of AI applications already in operation or in planning in the BMI and its business area as well as across departments.

To ensure responsible and opportunity-oriented use of AI, a consulting center for artificial intelligence ("BeKI") is being established out of the AI project group.

The focus is on empowerment, networking, competence building and coordination.

The aim of establishing the "BeKI" is to build on experience already gained and to incorporate existing, established structures and formats and strengthen them through coordinative support of the "BeKI".

This is intended to further empower public administration for the competent use of AI and to avoid duplicate structures.

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