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Success pays – but how much does it cost?

The stand rental calculator helps you to calculate your stand rental at hall 25:

1. Please select stand type and submit desired stand size in length and depth (minimum stand size: 12 m²). Please note that stand size here refers only to floor space not including any stand construction* yet.
2. For the Media Package primary exhibitors will be charged with an obligatory fee. For each co-exhibitor an additional fee of 360.- EUR will be charged, which will also to be invoiced to the primary exhibitor. Submit the estimated number of co-exhibitors if appropriate.
3. The AUMA fee and ancillary costs (this includes: hall lighting, cleaning of the aisles, air condition) will automatically be included depending on stand size.
4. Exhibitor passes are already included: 4 passes for stands with 12m², 1 for every further 10m².
5. All surfaces are rounded up to full m².
6. All prices are subject to 19% VAT.


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