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Strategy initiative: How Switzerland is going digital

Church towers in the old town of Zurich

View over the old town in Zurich. Image: Unsplash

The digital transformation in Switzerland is progressing. Just a few months ago, the national Federal Council adopted a strategy initiative that has a lot to offer and is intended to relaunch the country in terms of digitalization. The focus is on three strategic pillars: The Digital Switzerland Strategy, the Digital Administration Switzerland Strategy and the Digital Federal Administration Strategy.

Digital Switzerland Strategy

The Digital Switzerland Strategy is adopted annually. In 2024, it will focus on the country's digital transformation and provide guidance for public and private stakeholders. The three main topics are:

- Cybersecurity
- Regulation of AI systems
- Electronic interfaces (APIs)

The Confederation is organizing advisory board meetings on each topic with representatives from various sectors to drive forward the digital transformation and strengthen Switzerland's innovative power. All measures are documented in a public action plan.

Digital Administration Strategy Switzerland

In this strategy, the Confederation, cantons and municipalities define measures for the digitalization of the administration for 2024-2027. The focal points are:

- Expansion of digital government services
- Implementation of ‘one-stop government
- Introduction of a state e-ID
- Use of cloud technologies in public authorities
- Promotion of data utilisation
- Networked action as an overall system

The strategy shows how the Organisation Digitale Verwaltung Schweiz (DVS) can support implementation and promote cooperation.

Digital Federal Administration Strategy

With this strategy, the Federal Council sets out the framework for the digital transformation of the Federal Administration. The focus is on long-term planning and an agile approach. The focal points are:

- Networked digital administration
- Improving user orientation
- Trustworthy use of data
- Strengthening digital sovereignty
- Promoting innovation and change
- Modern administrative organization
- Accelerated digital transformation

The Federal Chancellery's Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Division (DTI) coordinates the Digital Switzerland Strategy and the Digital Federal Administration Strategy, while the DPS oversees the Digital Administration Switzerland Strategy.

All three strategies entered into force on 1 January 2024.

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