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Bitkom Country Index 2024 - Focus on infrastructure

Graphic representation of Hamburg

For the new state index, Bitkom experts examined more than 1,200 data points and evaluated the 16 federal states in terms of their level of digitalization. The Hanseatic city of Hamburg leads the digital ranking at state level, not only in the overall result but also in the focus category "Infrastructure".

Northern Germany in the lead

In the area of digital infrastructure, the Bitkom experts took a closer look at mobile phone and internet coverage as well as the charging infrastructure in the individual federal states. The average score here was 68.9 points - Hamburg is well above the average with 85 points, followed by Schleswig-Holstein (83 points) and Berlin (81 points).

Hamburg not only scored with the best fiber optic coverage, but also with nationwide 5G coverage and above-average gigabit coverage for private households (95%) and companies (93%). In terms of gigabit coverage, only Berlin outperforms the leader (99%).

In Schleswig-Holstein, the above-average gigabit coverage of private households (89%), companies (85%) and schools (78%) as well as a good charging infrastructure were particularly impressive. With 1.51 charging points per 1,000 inhabitants and 21% of fast-charging points, Schleswig-Holstein achieved the second-best score in the state comparison.

Berlin achieved the highest score for the 5G indicator and scored well with almost nationwide coverage of gigabit internet in private households, businesses and schools. Berlin is only below the state average when it comes to the expansion of fiber optics and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Thuringia, Saarland and Saxony have some catching up to do

The lowest scores in the infrastructure category were given to the federal states of Saxony (61), Saarland (59) and Thuringia (52).

Some of the blank spots on the map are still quite large in Thuringia - private households (46%), companies (39%) and schools (47%) have below-average coverage with fiber optic lines and gigabit connections, which is why the state is in last place here. In contrast, Thuringia achieves the best result in terms of charging infrastructure, which is due in particular to the high proportion of fast charging points (Thuringia: 32% | national average: 21%).

Saarland is also at the bottom of the list when it comes to digital infrastructure. This is due in particular to the low gigabit coverage of private households (63%), companies (62%) and schools (62%) as well as a below-average charging infrastructure. In terms of the number of charging points, Saarland is in 14th place with 0.85 per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Baden-Württemberg with 1.65.

Saxony scores highly with its almost nationwide availability of 5G. However, the state scores below average for all other indicators in the area of digital infrastructure. In particular, gigabit coverage for companies (55%) and schools (67%) is lower than in other federal states.

All information on the Bitkom State Index, the individual categories and state profiles can be found here.

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