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Expo highlight Lenovo: Barcelona as a role model - Ideas for the Smart City in Germany

Left, a man in profile wearing AR glasses; right, the counter of a supermarket.

AR glasses allow customers to interact with retailers remotely and in real time. Image: Lenovo

Germany can also learn from Barcelona's experience to design its own smart cities that are technologically advanced and sustainable. A key element of Barcelona's success is its investment in comprehensive digital infrastructure and public connectivity.

The more than 3000 distribution cabinets with built-in edge servers from Lenovo make it possible to process data close to the source. This is especially crucial for applications such as autonomous vehicles and traffic monitoring. Edge computing opens up opportunities for increased efficiency and customized solutions in smart cities.

Barcelona has deployed automated 5G shuttle buses at trade fairs as part of a pilot project to allow visitors to move flexibly between halls. A similar system in Germany could improve mobility at major events and lead to a smoother visitor experience. The AI-driven image recognition and vehicle communication applications ran on Lenovo's edge computing servers.

Retailers can benefit from augmented reality (AR), as exemplified by La Boqueria market in Barcelona. Livestreams using AR glasses allow customers to interact with retailers remotely and in real time. This idea could also revitalize retail in Germany and further blur the boundaries between online and offline shopping experiences.

Overall, the example of Barcelona shows how technology can act as a driving force for urban development. Similar applications could also help transform urban life in Germany by improving mobility, communication, shopping and industrial processes in innovative ways.

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