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September 24, 2019


Become a Frontrunner of Digital Transformation at the FIWARE Global Summit in Berlin

Autumn is almost here, and so is the FIWARE Global Summit! Believe us when we say it is going to be a fantastic event you won’t want to miss.

On October 23rd and 24th, Berlin will become the hub for the latest and greatest on open source technology at the 7th FIWARE Global Summit. Taking place in the iconic CityCube Berlin and co-hosted with the Smart Country Convention, the event this year will shine a spotlight on cutting-edge innovation for smart economies in the digital future.

Altogether, the event brings you the opportunity to get inspired by the brightest minds in the industry, from startup founders and innovators to VCs, developers and high-level decision-makers. The program includes 70 sessions, panels, workshops, and keynotes for attendees to explore new opportunities, collaborations, and ideas.

Don’t forget that the Smart City track on 23 October between 13:30 and 18:30 is open to all Smart Country Convention attendees free of charge! Always wanted to find out how FIWARE is helping cities in their digital transformation journey and how it is benefiting citizens in cities across the globe? This is your chance to find out from those who are using FIWARE with success.

Interesting highlights of the upcoming event include:

  • New possibilities for the procurement of innovations
  • How FIWARE can support new “res” based “business models” for Smart Energy
  • The role of open platforms in the digital transformation of the Manufacturing Industry
  • New opportunities with FIWARE Context Broker as CEF Building Block
  • Innovative procurement – a paradigm shift
  • FIWARE for “AI as a Service”
  • First German cities are betting on FIWARE to become frontrunners in Smart Digitalization - Find out why they are using FIWARE
  • The role of Blockchain in “Powered by FIWARE” architectures
  • Implementing the “Digital Twin” concept using FIWARE
  • Extracting context from devices and applying linked data concepts
  • Open discussion on the alignment of FIWARE and RAMI standards
  • Startup Day to level up your businesses with FIWARE open source
  • 20 “Powered by FIWARE” exhibitors will be showcasing their innovative solutions at the FIWARE booth at the Smart Country Convention exhibition area.
  • Eight workshops to brush up your practical skills

Just over one month to go until the must-join event kicks off in Berlin. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Early Bird Ticket offer while you still can, the offer ends on 30 September. You snooze, you lose! Come to learn, network, and to be inspired, and return home armed with FIWARE technology strategies for the future and beyond.

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