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You must on all accounts supply proof of your journalistic activities. Only when we have received a proof of your editorial status will we be able to pre-register you as a media delegate. Please take note of our advice regarding Messe Berlin accreditation guidelines. After successful registration, you will be sent an email with your press badge to print out by your own.

On-site accreditation:

You can also register as a media representative during Smart Country Convention at the following accreditation counter:
20 - 22 January 2018, in the Main Entrance of the CityCube Position 6.

Accreditation guidelines of Messe Berlin

In the course of providing accreditation for journalists Messe Berlin shall be entitled to demand evidence of journalistic activities.

The presentation of a press pass can serve to indicate that journalism is the holder's main professional activity.

In each case Messe Berlin reserves the right to demand to see examples of actual, current published items.

A simple way of obtaining accreditation is through the automatic submission or presentation of supporting documentation relating to trade fairs. This is particularly applicable to freelance journalists. Confirmation provided by an editorial department will only be accepted in exceptional cases.

The submission of articles with no relevance to a trade fair may lead to the refusal to grant accreditation, and should therefore be accompanied by an adequate explanation of their relevance.

Messe Berlin reserves the right to refuse to grant accreditation, without stating any reasons.

With the granting of accreditation Messe Berlin is authorised to add the names and contact details of the accredited person to the press mailing list and to supply that person with press releases about the respective series of events. This authorisation may also be revoked.

Emanuel Höger
Head of the Press and Public Relations Department
Messe Berlin GmbH