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Giovanni Crisonà


Since 1994 Mr Crisonà works as an international expert on capacity building in the TVET sector, is a Skills Assessor, owns a Master Degree in Education and collaborates with private bodies, governments and agencies such as the EU Commission, the UN ITC-ILO, the ADB, the Millennium Challenge Corporation etc.

In 2010, for the Mongolian Ministry of Education, realised an industry sectoral skills analysis and curricula development. In 2013, started the Abuplus International GMBH in Germany and designed, with the EU funds support, a capacity building model addressed to improve the capacity builders skills -

In 2014, together with the Italian National Research Centre, FIAT FCA, Scandinavian Airline Systems, Jaguar Land Rover and other organisations, launched the network currently based in 49 countries with 280 members. In 2015 supported the Kyrgyz Agency for VET in facing the needs of digitisation. In 2017 designed an ‘Anticipation lifecycle model’ and a ‘Labour Market and Skills Intelligence set’ to facilitate the identification of the sectoral skills needs for the advanced manufacturing.



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Giovanni Crisonà



Mittwoch, 21. November 2018, 16.00 - 17.00 Uhr
Conference A (Halle A)